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UNC NPHC Legacy Plaza FAQs

Who can purchase a brick?

Bricks and pavers can be purchased by anyone in the Carolina community that wants to show support for the NPHC Legacy Plaza; this includes friends and family, graduate chapters, non-NPHC alumni that were greatly impacted by members during their tenure on campus.

My line wants to come together and buy a commemorative paver. How do we move forward?

This process is a special time for a chapter line to be creative and leave their mark at Carolina.

Option 1: Contribute directly to the University. This option is helpful if multiple members of the line are interested in receiving “tax credit” and in showcasing the number of diverse alumni participating in this project.

  1. The chapter line would need to decide on the inscription of the brick, designate a chapter line ambassador to complete the form, and submit the completed form. See sample inscription list.
  2. The chapter line would divide the cost per chapter line member. (Ex. Phi Beta Sigma, Spring 2000 Xi Gamma has 20 members. $1,000 paver/20=$50 per member “gift amount”).
  3. Each member would contribute that “gift amount” using the downloadable form or online.
  4. In the note or reference section, each member would have to place the fraternity/ sorority name, semester and year and chapter name (ex. Phi Beta Sigma, Spring 2000, Xi Gamma). This note or reference allows the University to “track” those that have contributed per line for the collective paver.

Option 2: Have your line ambassador collect the contribution and forward to the university

  1. The chapter line would need to decide on the inscription of the brick (See sample inscription list), designate a line ambassador to complete the downloadable or online form, and submit the completed form on behalf of the chapter line.
  2. The chapter line ambassador sends the gift and will be listed as the official “donor” in our database and will receive tax credit for the gift.
  3. In the note or reference section, the chapter line ambassador will place the fraternity/ sorority name, semester and year and chapter name (ex. Phi Beta Sigma, Spring 2000, Xi Gamma), and the name of each member who contributed to the paver or brick and their “gift amount”. This note or reference allows the University to internally track those that have contributed per line for the collective paver for recognition credit only. Contributors, other than the chapter line ambassador, would need to consult their tax specialist.

In what order will the bricks be organized?

Bricks and pavers will be primarily segmented by organization, with charter members being placed most prominently. The University will honor this arrangement for bricks ordered during the campaign ending April 30, 2021. Bricks ordered after that point will be placed as ordered.

What can be engraved on a brick?

Thinking about capturing your legacy is never an easy idea; we have provided a few examples to help guide you through this process. Click here to find sample brick and paver inscriptions.

What is the timeline for completion of the project?

Construction of the garden will begin once 80 percent of the total cost is raised. Design and construction time once fundraising target is met is expected to be 17 ½ to 19 months.

What is the cost to be a donor? What will it take to make the NPHC Legacy Plaza reality?

Opportunities to participate in this project start at $500 with the purchase of a 4 x 8 commemorative brick and extend to UNC’s major gift level of $100,000. Beyond the purchase of bricks and pavers, we will need members of the NPHC alumni community to generously support this next chapter of NPHC life at Carolina and reach our $750,000 goal. Giving Levels have been established for those interested in making a larger gift. Please contact Zack Hawkins at or call (919)962-9077.

Why are the bricks priced at $500 and $1,000?

The pricing for commemorative bricks and pavers are directly aligned with other University brick naming programs. Given the significance of the NPHC Legacy Plaza to the Carolina community, we felt it should be priced accordingly.

Can I pay for my brick in installments?

Yes! In addition to making a one-time purchase, the University has created an option to pay over a nine-month period for bricks and pavers. Remember that groups of people can also come together and purchase one brick. If you are interested in making a larger commitment, please contact Zack Hawkins at or call (919)962-9077.

When will construction begin?

The target construction start date can begin in the coming months with a construction end date targeted for mid-October 2021. Of course weather and other unforeseen circumstances (e.g. more rock underneath the surface than anticipated) can delay construction and also result in cost increases to the project.

How will the space be used/infused with the Carolina community?

UNC Student Affairs, UNC NPHC and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life are working hard by making deliberate steps to ensure that the NPHC Legacy Plaza is woven into the fabric of the institution. We will host education sessions for current students, alumni and staff about the significance of the space and the cultural aspect of its representative organizations.

There will also be a push to encourage current NPHC chapters to host their new member presentations at this location. Support of diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the Carolina experience and our goal is to ensure that this great addition to our campus is embraced by all.

What is the difference between a garden and a plot?

NPHC plots, mostly found on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, are representative of a singular organization and placed separately around the campus. The NPHC Legacy Plaza concept is a collective space that will be designed by architects to represent all NPHC organizations in the same physical structure and location. Like plots, the NPHC Legacy Plaza will act as a functional space for students and alumni to enjoy for informal gathering and special events.

I am ready to give to this project, where do I start?

Thank you for your interest in the project. Visit our giving levels to get a sense of what best fits your capacity and your NPHC experience. We recommend the following options when thinking about your support:

  • Individuals should consider a personal brick or paver to capture their experience.
  • Chapter lines are a special bond, we recommend showcasing this on a paver.
  • As the tie that binds each initiate, we recommend that each NPHC Chapter should also have a paver. This discussion can be facilitated with the current undergraduate chapter members.
  • Gifts greater than $1,000 will be needed to make this garden a reality. Zack Hawkins can help you navigate larger gift conversations and additional ways to support.

In addition to my financial support, I want to help champion this project. How do I get involved?

Alumni engagement will be the driving force towards successful fundraising, raising awareness about the project and building pride for the newest addition to NPHC life at Carolina. We invited alumni to join the NPHC Garden Committee, comprised of a small group of students and alumni. The group will meet periodically (virtually and physically) to give feedback and ensure that all members of the NPHC alumni community are involved in the project. Please contact Zack Hawkins at if interested in joining this committee.

When will my brick be placed in the NPHC Legacy Plaza?

Commemorative bricks and pavers will be placed during the time of construction. Bricks and pavers that will be included initial layout must be paid in full by April 30, 2021.

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