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Parents Council Endowment Campaign

A mini campaign was started to build interest in the endowment and drive leadership gifts to meet an initial goal of $250,000 by May 2017.  The mini campaign goal campaign was met, but that was just the start to meet the $1M goal by Dec. 31, 2022, which currently sits at $430,000.

The endowment will eventually cover the awards that are allocated each year by Parents Council to support programs and initiatives that enhance UNC-Chapel Hill and meet the needs of Carolina students. Not only that, but the endowment will also allow UNC Parents Council to be more inclusive of all Carolina families, regardless of their ability to pay the current gift level required to be a member. We invite you to join other Carolina parents and make a leadership gift to support the endowment.

We are especially grateful to our Past National Chairs, Andrew & Sara May, Brian & Shawna Lemon and Sandra & Garland Homes, and other charter members who led the charge to establish the Endowment.

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