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Multicultural Health Program

Last September, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) launched the Multicultural Health Program (MCHP) to support Black and brown students and their mental health needs. Students can navigate through group therapy, brief therapy, outreach events and liaison relationships between students and CAPS mental health providers.

Co-facilitators Erinn Scott and Cherish Williams, two Black female psychologists at CAPS, lead the program, which includes four mental health clinicians dedicated to meeting the needs of UNC students who exist within communities of color.

“The MCHP is an important asset to CAPS and the UNC community because our aim is to connect with student communities of color to assess and address their unique mental health needs,” said Scott. “Representation is important and racially minoritized students have commented on how valuable it has been to be feel seen and heard by clinicians that look like them.”

The program also partners with minority student groups on campus, such as the American Indian Center, Carolina Firsts and the Carolina Covenant Scholars, to bring awareness to the program and encourage students to reach out as needed. 

Williams added, “the Multicultural Health Program was created with racially-minoritized students in mind. Our hope is that we are able to serve these students individually,  in their organizations, and within their academic departments to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and increase access to services. Our hope is for the program to grow and reach as many under-represented students as possible." 

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