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Wardrobe stipends aid students with interview success

For more than a decade, the Styled for Success program in University Career Services has provided Carolina students with stipends to purchase interview attire and pay for travel to interview sites. These students walk into interviews knowing that their professional image matches their UNC credentials. 

Susan Rosenthal ’68, ’71 (M.Ed.), ’77 (Ph.D.) developed the program when she was a Carolina Women’s Center board member. Contributions from her and other donors and a grant from the Carolina Parents Council have enabled Styled for Success to expand across campus. Since 2013, 690 students received stipends totaling more than $ $192,548. 

Selena Kongmany ’21, a sociology major, credits the stipend with boosting her confidence in interviews. With a $250 stipend, she was able to buy a blazer, pants, shirts, and shoes. “This program made a difference because it provided me the funds to be able to purchase professional interview attire. By being able to purchase items through this program, I feel even more confident as I now head into my new job this upcoming fall. 

“I will be working as a College Adviser through the Carolina College Advising Corps. I got placed in Caldwell County working at South Caldwell High School and Caldwell Early College. From there, my role will consist of helping low-income, first-generation, and under-represented students plan and apply to college. 

Zoë Ebbitt '22, business administration major, received a stipend of $333.39 and recently accepted an internship offer.

"I purchased a pair of black heels, business pants, a dress, and two shirts. The Styled for Success program is a great opportunity for students to feel confident and comfortable while they're interviewing for internships and jobs. Not having the right professional attire should never be a limiting factor between a talented individual and an opportunity. "

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