Basic Needs Initiative Programs Support Student Success

There are several programs that support students experiencing a financial shortfall under the Basic Needs Initiative umbrella. The Student Emergency Fund, the Carolina Cupboard, and Styled for Success, all aim to help students meet their needs so they can participate in the full college experience. Learn more.

  • Student Emergency Fund: This fund provides needed financial relief for situations such as accidents, illness, death of a family member, fire damage, need for temporary housing, natural or manmade disasters or pandemics.  These funds do not have to be paid back and are intended to provide assistance so the student does not have to interrupt their enrollment.
  • Carolina Cupboard: The need for this organization comes at a time when individuals in our very own community are burdened by personal economic strife thus contributing to students experiencing food insecurities. More than 22% of undergraduate and graduate students at UNC experience food insecurity. The Carolina Cupboard is an on-campus food pantry that provides food and personal items at no cost to students who are facing food insecurity.
  • Styled for Success: This program provides funding for the purchase of professional interview attire (the equivalent of one outfit) to UNC students receiving need based financial aid. All UNC Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students who are currently receiving need-based financial aid and are actively involved in an internship or job search are eligible to apply. For more information, please contact Grace Athy, g[email protected].

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